molecular evolution from a paleo perspective
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Dr Beth Shapiro, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
HHMI Investigator
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Dr Richard Edward Green, Professor, Biomolecular Engineering (CV)
postdoc Dr Megan Supple, Project Scientist
postdoc Dr Merly Escalona, Postdoctoral Researcher
postdoc Dr Katie Moon, Postdoctoral Researcher
Van Dr. Andrew Sharo , Postdoctoral Researcher, NSF Fellow
Josh Josh Kapp, Postdoctoral Researcher
Brock Brock Wooldridge, Postdoctoral Researcher
Nicolas Nicolas Alexandre, Postdoctoral Researcher
Nevé Nevé Baker, Graduate Candidate, Shapiro lab
collaborator Jonas Oppenheimer, Graduate Candidate, Shapiro lab
collaborator Samantha Hershauer, Graduate Student, Shapiro lab
collaborator Taylorlyn Stephan, Graduate Student, Green & Haussler labs
student Remy Nguyen, Graduate Student, Green lab
student Megha Srigyan, Graduate Student, Shapiro lab
Molly Molly Cassatt-Johnstone, Graduate Student, Shapiro Lab
Ciara Ciara Wanket, Graduate Student, Shapiro Lab
Cali Cali Gallardo, Graduate Student, Shapiro Lab
student Randy Cabrera, Undergraduate Student, RMI Scholar
Sarah Ford Sarah Ford, Lab Manager
Will Will Seligmann, Technician
technician Holland Conwell, Technician
collaborator You. Yes, we're recruiting!


technician Talia Tzadikario, Technician, Current: Grad Student, Northeastern
SamSacco Sam Sacco, Technician, Current: Grad Student, UCSC
technician Halle Bender, Technician, Current: AmeriCorps
collaborator Balaji Sundararaman, PhD 2023, Current: Startup CEO
postdoc Dr Kim Ballare, Postdoctoral Researcher, Current: US Forest Service Scientist
postdoc Dr Chloé Orland, Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Sarah Crump (Postdoctoral Researcher, NSF Fellow)

Please consider helping us to honor and further Sarah's legacy with a donation to the Sarah Crump Graduate Fellowship Fund

postdoc Dr Ming-Shan Wang (Postdoctoral Researcher),\ Current position: Assistant Professor, Chinese Academy of SciencesState Key Laboratory of Genetic Resources and Evolution
student Eduardo Garcia, Undergraduate Student
student Sebastian Medina, Undergraduate Student
student Paloma Peréz, Undergraduate Student
Eric Colin Fairbairn, Technician
Eric Eric Beraut, Technician
Darrin Darrin Schultz, Graduated with his PhD in 2021!
collaborator Dr. Sabrina Shirazi, Graduated with her PhD in 2021!
Shelby Shelby Dunn, Technician
Alisa Dr. Alisa Vershinina, Graduated with her PhD in 2020!
Nedda Dr. Nedda Saremi, Graduated with her PhD in 2020!
Nick Nicholas Maurer, Technician
GradStudent Nathan Schaefer, Postdoctoral Researcher, UCSF
collaborator Sam Cutler
Lourdes Lourdes Gomez, PhD student, Yale University
Manuel Manuel Varela, Undergraduate researcher
Current: PhD student, UC San Diego
McKenna McKenna Leighton, Undergraduate researcher
BethB Beth Nelson, Technician
Heather Heather Milne, Technician
Current: MSc student, University of Washington
GradStudent Dr. Natasha Dudek, PhD 2018
Miguel Miguel Oñate, Technician
GradStudent Dr. Ed Rice, PhD 2018
postdoc Dr Gemma Murray
postdoc Dr Ruth Nichols
postdoc Dr Darko Cotoras
collaborator Dr. Brendan O'Connell, PhD 2017
collaborator Dr. Sam Vohr, PhD 2016
postdoc Dr Kelly Harkins
postdoc Dr Pete Heintzman
collaborator Dr. James Cahill, PhD 2016
postdoc Dr Andre Elias Rodrigues Soares
Ben Ben Novak, MSc 2017
Ben Dr. Serena Tucci
Steven Steven Weber
postdoc Dr Dan Chang
collaborator Dr. Tara Fulton
collaborator Dr. Logan Kistler, PhD 2012
collaborator Dr. Kristine Korzow-Richter, PhD 2013
collaborator Dr. Liana Lareau
collaborator Dr. Brandon Letts, PhD 2011
collaborator Brandon Rice
Mathias Stiller Dr. Mathias Stiller

John St. John




Extracting and characterizing DNA from fossil remains.

Using genome-wide and environmentally-derived data to infer population history and inform management decisions

Investigating patterns and processes in genome evolution.