molecular evolution from a paleo perspective
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While we are not currently recruiting for any specific opportunities, we are always open to conversations with potential PhD and postdoctoral fellows. We look for people with experience or interest in ancient DNA, genomics and computational biology. Please get in touch with Beth or Ed, and include a copy of a recent CV and a personal statement that outlines your experience and career goals.

PhD Studentships Available

We are always open to discussion with students interested in pursuing either Masters or PhD degrees with our lab. Projects can include wet lab work, computational work, or a combination, and fit within the overall research theme of the group. We recruit graduate students through several programs on campus; follow the links below for more details. Not: the EEB program is direct-admit; you must get in touch with a potential faculty advisor in order to be considered for the program.

Interested students should contact Beth Shapiro or Ed Green directly.

Information about application deadlines and procedures, and about fellowships that are available for graduate students through UCSC, can be found on the following pages:



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Postdoctoral opportunities:

While we are not advertising specific opportunities at present, we are always open to collaborating with potential postdocs who are interested in submitting applications for personal fellowships. We have hosted fellows from NSF, Marie Curie, Ciencias sin Fronteras, and others.

We have had postdocs work on a wide range of projects in our group, both continuing work that has been ongoing in our lab for some time and taking on entirely new (for us) research directions. We value diversity of experience and scientific training, and are always looking to grow!

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research opportunities are available in Ancient DNA and computational evolutionary biology.

We require undergraduate volunteers to have completed the 20 series and either evolution or genetics, or equivalent courses from BME.

Interested undergraduates are encouraged to email Beth or Ed, and to include in their email both a cover letter that explains your career goals and why you would like to work in our lab and an unofficial transcript.



Other Opportunities
This page will be updated regularly as opportunities become available.




Extracting and characterizing DNA from fossil remains.

Understanding the evolutionary constraints underpinning diversity and evolution in pathogens

Investigating patterns and processes in genome evolution.